Pro Facade Scaffolds Superflex

Aluminium | 6 x 21 m

The facade scaffolding has strong and light frames. Made of aluminum alloy 6005 T6 for high strength and low weight. Ø50x4mm tube, fully welded frames.

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Additional information

Working height: 8 m
Standing height: 6 m
Scaffold load class: 3
Weight: 992,4 kg
Length: 21 m


Diagonals and braces are provided with impact-resistant, fully welded claws. The scaffolding is a flexible system with many options, as well as quick assembly and disassembly. Supplied with JUMBO Scaffolding Platform (aluminum / plywood)

In this set:

2 x Platform w/hatch
2 x Guardrail frame
3 x End piece
3 x Scaffold Ladders
6 x Diagonals
6 x Handrail post
8 x Horizontal brace
15 x Rawplugs
15 x Eye Screws
15 x Tie rod w/clamp
16 x Base Jacks
19 x Platform w/o hatch
24 x Frame
30 x Toeboard clip
42 x Safety clips
49 x Horizontal brace / diagonal