Returns and complaints

If you as a dealer wish to return goods to JUMBO Stillads A/S in connection with any complaint or order errors, please get in touch with your contact person at JUMBO first.

Returns and complaints


All returns to JUMBO Stillads A/S MUST always be accompanied by a return & complaint form. If the form is not enclosed, JUMBO Stillads A/S reserves the right to reject the shipment.

NOTE: End users of JUMBO’s products cannot use this form as JUMBO Stillads A/S does not receive repairs or warranty obligations directly from the end user. As an end user, please return the product where it was purchased. The dealer will then take care of further processing.

The factory guarantee only covers damage and faults that can be attributed to material and/or manufacturing defects.

Repairs carried out under warranty can only be carried out at JUMBO’s factory in Kolding, Denmark. The warranty period for the specific product can be found in the applicable JUMBO Catalogue.

Please note that JUMBO’s warranty does not cover faults caused by

  • Overloading
  • Violent handling / misuse of the products
  • Improper treatment / handling of the products
  • Unauthorised repair attempts
  • Damage due to external influences
  • Foreign objects in the product such as water, sand, mortar, abrasive dust materials or metal chips
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Changes to the construction of the product
  • Use of non-original accessories and spare parts
  • All warranties are factory warranties against manufacturing defects, excluding freight to/from JUMBO Stillads A/S, Kolding