Pro Telescopic Multi-Use Ladder

6 – 11 Steps

The Multi-Use Ladder is a solid ladder in craftsman quality.

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Additional information

Load capacity: 150 kg
Viennese ladder length: 2,94 m
Storage measurements: 1,78 x m
Steps: 6/11
Weight: 17,5 kg
Length: 6,25 m
Width: 63 cm


JUMBO Pro Telescopic Multi-Use Ladder has strong articulated hinge in fully cast aluminum. An impact-resistant plastic foot with high shear strength – angled for extra stability in all positions. Very strong aluminum sidepieces 64 – 70 mm wide. In addition, the JUMBO Pro Telescopic Multi-Use Ladder is equipped with a practically detachable tool tray where nails, screws or other can be stored.

Since each end can be extended separately, the ladder can stand on a staircase or other surface level differences.

The ladder’s small transport dimensions make it easy to transport and store it.

When purchasing a platform with a hanger, the ladder’s function can be extended – this makes it possible to use the ladder’s upper step.